Salem Pond Park

 Welcome to Salem Pond Park!  In this workout we utilize the paved path that loops the soccer field and ponds.  The start/finish for this site is at the playground.

Where:  Salem Pond Park


  • Warm Up:  Start off by stretching and doing some jumping jacks ( ~ 5 mins)
  • Run to Stop 1 - The corner of the soccer field:  
    • Exercise:  10 Push-Ups
  • Run to Stop 2 - The sharp left turn at the end of the pond:  
    • Exercise:  Lunge Walk 20 Steps
  • Run to Stop 3 - The pump house
    • Exercise:  10 Burpees
  • Run to Stop 4 -  The sidewalk intersection
    • Exercise:  20 Lemon Squeezes 
  • Run to the Final Stop -  The steps that lead to Wake Zone
    • Exercise:  Step Squats - do a squat at each step.

How many laps can you do?

-  1 lap for Finishers
-  2 laps for Fit Kids
-  3 laps for Super Heroes!

Note to Parents:

Remember, parents, when your kid(s) complete 6 of our challenge courses they'll earn a free finisher's medal that we will mail to you so keep track of your workouts!!

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